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What Exactly is Leadership Coaching?                                    Do I really need it?

Coaching Basics

  • Initial Consultation Session
  • Strategy Coaching Sessions
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Site Visits 
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Turn-Key Tools & Resources

Do You Need LEADERSHIP Coaching?

Do you have persistent gaps in performance that you can’t seem to close?

Do you have great ideas and strong plans but struggle to see them implemented with fidelity and consistancy?

Are you and your leadership team constantly putting out fires?

Do you have high teacher turnover?

Do you work really hard but have yet to see strong academic results across the board?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and want different results then YOU NEED LEADERSHIP COACHING! 

What I Can Help You With



Leadership Development


Staff Culture


Best Practices

School Culture


Time Management

I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is does the initial Consultation entail?

During your initial consultation we will discuss your exact challenges and growth areas and vital contextual information to aid me in developing an action plan to mitigate challenges, close gaps and ensure excellence. You will be asked to complete an in-take form as well.  

What is a strategy session?

This is where the magic happens! I will share best practices and provide tools and resources to aid you execution. We will co-create a detailed action plan that details not only what to do but exactly how to do it. 

what is the accountability session?

A strong plan is nothing with ensuring that it happens and that the plan is executed with excellence. Accountability is instrumental to ensuring success implementation and thus outcomes. 

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Absolutely! In fact, this is the bread and butter of my coaching services. One-time professional development opportunities are a good start, but on-going coaching and development ensures success. During our initial consultation, I will share with you all of the services and product offering and pricing. 

what is your pricing structure?

During our initial consultation, I will share with you all of the services and product offering and pricing. The initial consultation is $49 for a 30 minute virtual session. 

Brandi lives and breathes results, and so everything she does drives towards them. In the wake of her drive people are lifted up by her momentum and perform better because of it.


School Director, DSST Public Schools

Dr. Chin has been one of the best leaders I have experienced in my educational career. I appreciate the commitment to the development of not only teachers but leaders. The preparation for each leader to become greater in their role and beyond is amazing.


Associate School Director, DSST Public Schools

I have never encountered a manager as deliberate (knowing what to prioritize and when, and explaining the why) and impressive as Brandi.


6th Grade Math Teacher, DSST Public Schools



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